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  • I think that WPF uses .net (3.0+) . Can we use WPF controls in OE, or is it only .net controls ?

  • I believe we can only use .NET 2.0 controls.

  • You can use .NET (V2.0 - 3.5) Winforms controls, but not WPF controls.

  • Hi, as current users of WPF components in production, we can tell you that concerning data oriented components Winforms is far far in advance compare to WPF equivalents. There has been only 1 suitable grid for production (Xceed) and virtually no userpower tool so far.

    Even if WPF propose a trully new paradigm for coding (for eg. XAML and BLEND), so far WPF is only trully interesting for 3D effects (carousel) and animations.

    So no worries AFA dev env is concerned to be late compared to others.

  • May be all this WPF stuff is to premature to use it in business applications. But i think the potential for Silverlight application is very great. I've been working with Silverlight since the alpha release (one year ago) and have high expectations of the prodcut.

    So i guess it would be very nice if future versions of the advanced UI could support WPF and Silverlight (in stead of WebClient?).

  • AFA WPF is concerned on the desktop side, one has to know that MS still has not shipped its WPF datagrid / pivotgrid. But it is still very promising (new dev paradigm). Regarding this point, we expect WPF not to be widely used before 2010.

  • Check www.silverlight.net (=WPF for the web)

  • I would say WPF on the desktop but still there is no components (on the desktop or for the web) up to the level to the Winform's ones. We experiment it ourselves as our team has to design easy to find components under the Winform paradigm (eg smart comboboxes, etc.).

  • You may use a WPF Form and WPF control , but you need many technique for work (you need modifie WPF form in visual for you in ABL code)

  • Unfortunately, WPF is gasping for air, and only Silverlight is standing but has no clear direction.