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ProDataSets using an AppServer and .NET


ProDataSets using an AppServer and .NET

  • If it's not part of EVERY Progress Developer Studio installation people

    won't find/use it... When Progress has the interest for mass adoption of

    these techniques, there needs to be a

    File -> New Project -> OpenEdge -> GUI for .NET / N-Tier / ProDataset

    The above is slightly different from this:

    option in the tool that creates the sample project with all required

    settings (including Sports2000 DB) and source code in your workspace.

    One is a relatively empty structure within the context of some supporting code (think AppBuilder's SmartWindow that was an empty object in the context of ADM2); the below is a more complete, working example. These are slightly different things in my mind. Are they in yours (not only Mike's)?

    There's a mechanism in Dev Studio in 11 that allows you to import code/projects from a zip into your workspace, via the Welcome page (you can see it again via Help > Welcome); especially the Samples section. Granted this is , um, sparsely populated at the moment, but I'd love to hear about the sorts of things you'd want to see there. Clearly a (relatively) simple ProDataSets example is one thing.

    -- peter

  • File -> New Project -> OpenEdge -> GUI for .NET / N-Tier / ProDataset


    The above is slightly different from this:


    Not really different - I should have made this more clearer, but that should be a New Sample project option. Though that was clear because of the menu path under File -> New Project -> OpenEdge ....

  • PARAMETER DATASET-HANDLE FOR hdl not implemented yet (11404)

    THe FOR handle phrase in the dataset parameter is to allow a deep copy
    of the caller's set to be appended to a pre-existing (FOR handle)
    dataset.  This is seldom used and not available in version 10.0A.

    Which is funny since I'm tyring to run it on 10.2B

    That's because you're not supposed to do


    In 11.0 I get your message above, and also message 11405, which is far more descriptive, and actually useful.

    'DATASET-HANDLE FOR hdl' should be 'DATASET-HANDLE hdl' without the *FOR* (11405)

    A common typo in the 'DEFINE PARAMETER DATASET-HANDLE handlename'  is to add an unneeded FOR keyword before the handle name.  This is because the DATASET parameter (as opposed to the DATASET-HANDLE parameter) requires the FOR keyword in order to reference the static dataset that the parameter refers to: 'DEFINE PARAMETER DATASET FOR mystaticdataset.'    In the case of the handle parameter, there is no static dataset to be refered to, but only the parameter name.


    -- peter

  • I found some great examples and managed to implement prodatasets!

    I want to recommend the samples zip attached to this documentation:

    Seems to work well with 10.2b as well, Look under the prodataset folder.

    Most minimal yet complete example I've found!

  • Sounds very promising, and not something I've stumbled into before when searching the morass of online documentation !

    I'll definitely be reviewing those when I have a moment. Thank you for posting the info Frederik.