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** "src\adm\method\attribut.i" was not found. (293)


** "src\adm\method\attribut.i" was not found. (293)

  • Not sure if it is the correct group ;-)
    I have worked with Progress 6,7,8 and 9 some years ago and I have still a progress 9.1D version on my PC.
    Now I have to compile some programs for a customer and I get above error message.

    Apparently some sources are missing.

    I do have the DLC\src\adm directory but it is not complete.

    How to solve this.




  • This is an ADM1 related file. What type of license is installed on the machine where you're trying to recompile? Do you have a development license installed?

  • Products installed:

    Product Name:   Enterprise DB

    Product Name:   Query/RESULTS

    Product Name:   4GL Development

    Product Name:   Progress AppServer

    Product Name:   Client Networking

  • I had a quick chat with and . With your 9.1D 4GL dev license you should be able to recompile but according to the 9.1D doc “ADM Source Code” was an optional component of the 4GL Development license.  

    So ADM was only installed with a “Complete” (not Typical) installation.  

    Sounds like you most likely have done a “Typical” install. The only option for you would be to re-install, at least to another machine and copy the stuff over.

  • Thanks for the update.

    Will do the complete installation and see what it brings me.