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PDS questions - compare

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First Question:
Is it possible in PDS to make a setting for casing by project? I think that is not possible but maybe...
Why: I normally work in lower case
But now I need to work on another project (not from the same company) but there all soding is in upper case.
So because my PDS is set to lower case (on save) I see to much differences when I do a compare

Second question:
Is there some setting in the default compare program in PDS to ignore casing?
If not: is it possible to define another compare program in PDS (that can ignore the casisng) - I prefer this sollution

I know I can do some other things to fix this problem but these are questions that come up...

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  • There is a 'no action' option too, and then you have to manage that yourself.
    You can also have the same project in more than one workspace, so have a 'view' workspace and a 'work' workspace if you want to.
    And I think that per-project settings might be a good thing for this (feel free to create an idea at https://community.progress.com/community_groups/products_enhancements ).
  • Oh yes, I could use that 'No action' for that ...

    But like you say then I can (and MUST) manage that myself.

    I'm used in working lower case so i type lower case.

    If I now work in that project that is all in upper case I will mess up those sources because my wrong typing will not be adjusted by the system.

    Therefore I would prefer to manag that setting by project (and of course a master setting on PDS for if I do not choose another in the project.

    But still thanks for the hint!

  • Capitalization settings are stored per workspace (tested in 11.7) so if you use one workspace per company, you can apply the settings as required per that company. Keep in mind that if you personalize settings (like shortcuts) you will have to make that personalization in both workspaces (or copy the file)

  • Hi Patrick,

    Yes, that is a possible workaround for that problem

    Of course I would like to stay in my normal environment (workspace) but ok if this solves my problem ... why not


  • Currently PDSOE doesn't support both the features you asked. Please log them at https://openedge.ideas.aha.io/