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Sort GUI browse data on click of column heading


Sort GUI browse data on click of column heading

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Hello All,

We have very old code for the GUI browser grid and that browser was created using the AppBuilder. It is Freeform query for the GUI  browser and it displays data based on few filters. Now, we have to add the functionality where we can select any of the column heading which will sort the data based on the column selection ( Asc / Desc ).

And the browser has also multi row selection feature.

Is that possible ?

Version - OpenEdge 11.7

Thanks in advance.

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  • Generally the move with browser based UI is to move towards Ui control libraries, and feed the data via REST interface.  it is no longer considered a good practice to serve both UI and data in the same request.  I suggest looking into telerik controls.  They Telerik controls can provide the sorting and filtering on the client side that you are looking for.

  • I think means the "traditional gray screen UI" browser, not a web browser ;-)

  • If you need transaction control and error handling with the UI, take a look at the JavaScript Data Object and creating Data Objects (Business Entities) as an service layer on top of your existing ABL code. You can see this in action at



  • I'm think Atul is talking about the ABL browse widget, not a browser-based UI.

  • Hi Atul,

    You should be able to achieve this by following the coding pattern in the below Progress knowledgebase article:

    000011754, How to change the sort order of a multiple-selection browse and keep the selection.


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  • Thanks guys its working using the START-SEARCH trigger.

    But still a small problem persists when I open the GUI browse and click on the column title 1st time, it fails but after that if I click again it starts working.

    Do I have to refresh or clear the browse before opening the query?

    And also how can we handle the case of ASC or DESC order ?

    Now it is just in ascending order.