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SOAP endpoint URL in Dockerized PASOE


SOAP endpoint URL in Dockerized PASOE

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I'm trying to prepare a Docker image of a PASOE instance with pre-deployed WebServices. So at build time, I use on the WSM files, but the generated WSDL file has a reference to the hostname of the temporary container in <soap:address >, something like:

<soap:address location="e05bdd1a76ee:8810/.../>

As the URL will only be known at runtime, is there a nice and clean way to inject the URL when executing the container ?


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  • An option  could be environment variables on the host or a .env file with your Docker Compose file that uses this to set variable in the container when it gets created.

    We do the same thing with load balancers like traefik.

  • Yes, I've seen that I can change the value directly in the WSDL file at runtime, but I was wondering if there was a better way than using sed when starting the container.