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Functional programming in ABL

  • It's beautiful, isn't it, building an application from scratch that works and is easy to maintain. Unfortunately, in most situations, the problems arise because it's not just one person producing or maintaining the code. And it's not just differences in coding standards that cause problems; differences in understanding and knowledge also plays a part. As soon as you get multiple people working on a project, no matter how good, you always introduce another level of complexity.

  • Ha, yes,  James, that's the difference between prototyping in a controlled environment and real-life...

    My observation, though, in real life is, that the lack of a good architecture (either due to outdated approach or lack of knowledge) and/or the lack of good coding conventions is rampant - and, it seems to me, the main culprit for much of the technical debt that is added on a daily basis.

    I am eternally grateful for having been given the opportunity to prove that is the case - by making these things a top priority.

    I believe that most developers want to write good code. I also believe, that if given convincing evidence, most rational people are happy and eager to do what's right. I do know, though, that we all are inherently lazy and change-averse.

    Since I now have a concrete example to point at, I am hopeful again, that it might be possible to help people overcome their inner sloth and follow their "better knowledge", leading to less debt-buildup, if not actual debt reduction... well, hope dies last... ;)

    Thomas Hutegger

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