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Frame/form not approachable

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I'm totally new around here and hope I selected the right group.... If not, please let me know.

Hopefully someone knows a solution for my problem.

I wrote some code to make an export of some data. When I run the program from the Progress Editor, everything works fine. However, when I compile the program, put the program somewhere in the menu / system interface (MFG Pro, Progress v9.1E) and run the menu option, the frame/form is shown, but I can't approach the fields and/or button. The cursor changes to a sandglass and that's it. An ESC brings me back to the MFG Pro menu.

If this is too general and the program should be attached, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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  • Make sure you are using mfdtitle.i

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  • Make sure you are using mfdtitle.i