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Form.Show() does not accept keyboard keys


Form.Show() does not accept keyboard keys

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On 10.2B08.

I have ABL window, with standard WAIT-FOR CLOSE OF THIS-PROCEDURE..

It calls a dialog box, that has 2 buttons. 1 button runs MyForm.cls with wait-for System.Windows.Forms.Application:Run(myObj) the other button me:Show(myObj).

MyForm.cls has 2 buttons just to test tabbing. 

With first button (wait-for system...), tabbing works as normal, however when called with Show(). it does not react to tabbing or hotkeys (alt key).

Any thoughts?


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  • You will need an overall one and only Application:Run in your application. It is the one that sets up the message loop. Without it, .NET events will not work as expected.

  • Working around a legacy system, so trying to simulate as is.

    However, I did as you mentioned, Form.Show() tab does not change focus. Nor the short cut keys.

    Either way of implementing wait-for, the keypress event fires however, so my subject is not correct. Work around I'm thinking is code the tab event to change focus.

  • I don't believe you have to specially code for the tabbing event. There might be other complications for not using Application:Run() as the main message loop.

    You can probably start your legacy main form in persistent mode, then the next line is the Application:Run(). I strongly suggest using one WAIT-FOR Application:Run().