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View Server Side Validation Messages


View Server Side Validation Messages

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Hello friends.

I am developing an application where client side uses Kendo UI plus JSDO components and the server side uses Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE). The application is entirely based on OERA best practices.

I'm using a DataGrid with server side pagination for browsing through a CRUD records and editing is done on a KendoUI popup form. So far so good.

Now I need your help to capture and display validation messages generated on the server side.

The EntityBusiness processes the validations and returns the error messages as described in the documentation (

The response of the PUT, POST, and DELETE HTTP requests in which validation errors occur contains the validation messages, I have already confirmed this when monitoring requests with the browser development components.

How do I display these messages in the Kendo UI popup form? Better still, if possible, display each message next to the field with the invalid value.

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