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.NET Assembly issues

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We just did an rcode update for our local system and suddenly it can't find the assemblies. Please see the attached image to see how everything is set up.

Sorry about the awkward placement, but i was trying to get everything in one screen shot.

I've checked file permissions, and everything seems to be wide open.

This is preventing our system form being able to print anything.

P.S. I have another system with this same setup that is working properly, but i can't find any difference between the two.

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  • Go to the properties of each .net dll and ensure that it is not blocked.

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  • Go to the properties of each .net dll and ensure that it is not blocked.

  • What do you mean you did an "rcode update"?  Are you sure when you compiled the code that you were using the same assemblies.xml file and dlls?  Or could you now be referencing some different version of the assembly in the rcode?

  • Yes! I see the "This file came from another computer..." message.

    We don't want to have to go through this every time we update one of our customers.

    Do you know of a way to distribute these files in a way that won't cause windows to do this?

  • Yes when we create our updates, we compile all our .p, .w and .cls files against the release database, then package them up. At this time we also package the dll files, but it seems like Windows is suspicious of the dlls.

  • OK.  So Brian was correct.  It's all for your protection!   I don't know how to prevent that. Your best bet is to search on Google, I would think.

    Interesting that it gave a NotFoundException (if I read that right), not something about can't open.  More subterfuge!

  • The protection state of the assemblies is stored in "streams" - which is meta-data stored in the file-system.

    The TechNet streams.exe allows you to remove this data for all files in a folder:


    streams.exe -d -s *.*

    See this stackoverflow discussion:


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