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New Service Pack for OE 11.6 (eg. 11.6.4 to fix bugs)


New Service Pack for OE 11.6 (eg. 11.6.4 to fix bugs)

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Does anyone have any guesses about the likelihood of a service pack for OE 11.6?  I suppose it would be 11.6.4.

OE 11.7 is brand new as-of now (mid 2017) and we are unlikely to move to that version for years.  In fact, we are still on 11.3 in our production environment and are tentatively planning to upgrade to 11.6 this fall.  However one of the things that scares me about 11.6 is the poor quality of the latest service pack (OE 11.6.3), and the fact that Progress doesn't seem to be inclined to put out any more service packs for 11.6.  At least that is my understanding as of now.


Here are just a couple of examples of serious problems with 11.6.3 :


No doubt there are a number of minor issues in 11.6.3 that would NOT require a full service pack.  But I think that the inability to perform database backup would be a significant enough issue to warrant a new service pack.  See this thread for more details about the database crashing during backups: 

Customer-specific hotfixes are OK but generally-available service packs are far better and are less intimidating than running a custom hotfix.

So my question is whether anyone else thinks its premature to stop producing service packs for OE 11.6?  To me it seems like Progress could provide better support to their customers by providing new critical service pack(s) that are needed for 11.6.  When see the following solution statements in the KB that already say "Upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7.0", this comes as a shock.  I imagine that it is unusual for Progress customers to be upgrading to OE 11.7 already, and that statement seems a bit out of touch.  Perhaps it is too costly to support the versions of Progress which are actually used by their customers.

Thoughts?  Is there a way for customers to vote on additional investment to fix the bugs in OE 11.6?

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  • We got it on Oct 27, 2017

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  • We are waiting for a hotfix (preferrably a service pack) for 11.6.3 for the issue, that appservers are not starting any more on Windows 10 Version 1703.

    We really would appreciate if there would be a service pack 11.6.4, as applying hotfixes is more cumbersome and we have to fix about 500 installations.

  • Brian Bowman just announced 11.6.4 as the last Service Pack for OpenEdge 11.6 to be released during Q3/17

    Architect of the SmartComponent Library and WinKit

    Consultingwerk Ltd.

  • : Windows 10 (Version 1703, Build: 15063.483) seems to resolve the AppServer startup issue. :)

  • Is there any update on the timeframe for OE 11.6.4?


    "As of September 2017, release 11.6.4 is scheduled to be released in Q4, 2017, although dates and content of the release are subject to change."

  • My understanding is mid-October-ish.

  • Is there any update on the timeframe for OE 11.6.4?

    Still nothing at the following...

  • We got it on Oct 27, 2017

  • You are right.  I have it too.  That one sneaked by me.  So much for using google to alert me about new software releases.  There don't appear to be any references to it yet.