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Telerik with AppBuilder Window

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Hello I have a problem with the connection Telerik windows PROGRESS.
My application has more than 100 windows replacement in one frame ..

Now I want to turn the frame PROGRESS'a panel Telerik ...
Well, but not rewrite these "old" Windows on the new technology.

Please hint how you can do that same frame of windows created by AppBuilder Mozana insert panel RadPanel Telerik ...

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  • use the embedding technology Progress provided in the manual


  • This is the direction that I watched.

    But this is not insertion of window frames ...

    Is it possible to hide the window title and border window?

    WindowContainer can be embedded in the panel Telerik?

  • A FRAME cannot be embedded. But when you embed a window, the window will not show it's border and window title and status bar.

    Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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  • This is the main window.

    In the area of Work Frame intercede built by AppBuilder Window.

    But I do not intercede but the window frame of the window ..

    I want to change the Main Window on Telerik RADFORM and new Frame Work is now panel (RadPanel) to insert the windows now 100-200 (rather frame of the window) in the area Frame Work?

    By WindowContainer? You have to hide Title, Border Window etc.

    This is the way?

  • Clear answer is NO!
    As soon as you embed an ABL Window in a WindowContainer, the Window’s Title BAR and Border as gone.

    Architect of the SmartComponent Library and WinKit

    Consultingwerk Ltd.

  • Questions...

    1)      Do you want to reuse all of the “frames” that are written in vanilla ABL?

    2)      How are these “frames” written?  Can you provide a sample program for us to look at?

    3)      Are you using ADM1/ADM2?


  • Is every menu item a separate ABL window ?

    Or is it one window with 100 frames ?

  • Ad1. At the moment, so ... Frames will be exchanged successively

    Ad. 2 . Generating new Window by AppBuilder and is ok

    Ad. 3 I do not use .. ..

  • So these kits are many ...

    The user chooses which frame wants to see, and after the first run all the time in the memory ..

  • Pawel,
    Can you show us some code?
    How are these frames created?  In the AppBuilder (by this I mean are they actually a .w file)?
    We are really going to need more details in order to be able to help you.

  • I have an example ...

    How to make that window was in Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadGroupBox.

    how to hide Title and buttons



    FRAME f1:PARENT = hWin.

    WinContainer = NEW Progress.Windows.WindowContainer( ).

    WinContainer:Size = NEW System.Drawing.Size( hWin:WIDTH-PIXELS, hWin:HEIGHT-PIXELS ).

    /* WinContainer:EmbeddedWindow = hWin.WinContainer . */  

    WinContainer:Parent = THIS-OBJECT:radGroupBox1.

    WinContainer:Show( ).

    /* Now make the window visible.  

      It will be realized inside the WindowContainer. */

    hWin:VISIBLE = YES.




  • Lik to DEMO