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Wrapped Doc/Lit convention in 10.1x


Wrapped Doc/Lit convention in 10.1x

  • OpenEdge Development: Web Services states on page 2-7:

    OpenEdge Web services use the wrapped document literal (Wrapped

    Doc/Lit) convention (developed by Microsoft). Wrapped Doc/Lit is a

    convention using Document/Literal that wraps all request parameters

    for an operation into one input XML complex type and wraps all

    response parameters into a separate output XML complex type.

    Is there a way to call an OE Web service operation using the Unwrapped Doc/Lit convention?

  • It is the WSDL for the OpenEdge Document/Literal Web service that defines the SOAP request and response messages with the wrapped convention. You do not have the option of generating WSDL with the unwrapped or bare document/literal convention.

  • Robin,

    When using a WSDL with the unwrapped document/literal convention I get the following error message: Web Service application not found: urn:hl7-org:v3 (10858).

    I've included the WSDL and the HTTP request en response (captured with SOAP Spy).

    Could you help me out?

  • Hi Roger,

    The Web services Adapter cannot parse a request in the unwrapped document/literal format. You're going to need to do some XML transformation of the request, using Sonic ESB perhaps.

    I don't have a specific solution, but Technical Support should be able to assist you.