This page lists answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to the Docker Container Image for Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge - PASOE.


Where can I find the Container Image for PASOE?

The container image for PASOE can be found in Docker Hub:

Once you proceed with the checkout you can download the image using docker pull:

  • docker login
  • docker pull store/progresssoftware/pasoe:<tagname>

The following tags can be used:

  • 11.7.5 PAS for OpenEdge release 11.7.5
  • 12.0.0 PAS for OpenEdge release 12.0.0
  • 12.1.0 PAS for OpenEdge release 12.1.0

Where can I find the sample app using the Container Image for PASOE?

The sample app using the container image for PASOE can be found at

What is the initial target platform for the Docker Container for PASOE functionality?

The initial target platform is the following:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OS
  • Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker-EE)


Would the Docker Container for PASOE work with CentOS and Docker Community Edition (Docker-CE)?

If you just want to play around or take your chances deploying to a (small, non-mission critical) production environment, you should be able to use CentOS with Docker-CE. We currently do not anticipate any reason why this will not work. However, this platform is not formally certified initially, though we may consider adding this support down the road.

Where can I find Docker Compose?

Docker Compose can be installed on Linux using the instructions from the Docker web site:



How do I add Docker command line support for my regular Linux user?

Run the following commands to add your username to the docker group and restart the docker service:

  • sudo usermod -aG docker <username>

You would need to logout and re-login in order for the new group to take effect.


Docker build running pasman/tcman and the PASOE (Tomcat) startup are very slow (several minutes) when running using virtualization software such as VirtualBox or VMWare?

You might be running into an issue where Java is blocking on a SecureRandom() call due to lack of entropy.
To prevent this issue, you can run either of the following commands to ensure enough entropy as mentioned in the related link:

  • rngd -r /dev/urandom
  • docker run --privileged -d harbur/haveged

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