The OpenEdge Installer can run in Silent Mode, by providing the responses to the interactive questions in a text file - usually an .ini file. The response file is created when you run an interactive installation and can then be used for other installations. Please read the OpenEdge documentation on Silent Installation for more information.

To save you time on a Windows installation we have provided a sample response.ini file for OpenEdge 11.7 here. This sample installs the following products:

  • Product 105=OE Enterprise RDBMS
  • Product 113=OE Application Svr Ent
  • Product 244=4GL Development System
  • Product 217=Client Networking
  • Product 157=Progress Dev Studio OE

You can edit this file as a template to make your own response.ini file, changing such items as ports, URLs for servers, directories and where to get the license information.

You can also modify this sample to run installations for OpenEdge 11.6, 11.5 and 11.4

Although all sections of the response file are required, you do not need to add each of these required sections in the order presented. The installer only retrieves the specific data it needs regardless of where the information is located in the response file.

When running in Silent Mode the OpenEdge Installer does generate a log file. The data captured in the log file will help you to confirm that any manual modifications you have made to a response.ini file were executed as expected.

The Silent Mode installation is also available on UNIX. Please read the documentation for modifying response.ini files to perform a UNIX installation.