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PASOE proxy setup

  • Hi

    Im playing with hiding PASOE behind an apache web server. I have it running just fine other than when we get a 302 redirect. TC is trying to redirect us back to /static and this is undesirable as we want to perhaps try testing multiple PASOE instances on this web server. I cant redirect them all to /static.

    Any ideas? The KB doesnt seem to be too helpful.

    Here is my simple .conf entry.

    ProxyRequests Off

    ProxyPass /app1/web ajp://server:17609/web
    ProxyPassReverse /app1/web ajp://server:17609/web



  • Its OK. I'm closing this. After looking at it in detail, I realised I could setup a connector in tomcat to deal with this using proxyName.

  • I've sorted this. I've added proxyName to the AJP connector and its working as expected.

  • I've sorted this. I've configured proxyName against the connector.