I have a script that creates and deletes a pasoe-instance. Every once in a while (but not allways) I cannot delete the instance because the bin-folder seems to be owned by somebody else and cannot be deleted. Something like this:

call tcman delete -y %instancename%
The directory tree %instancefolder% will be removed permanently:
( WARNING all deployed web applications will be DELETED!! )
rm : Directory %instancefodler% cannot be removed because it is not empty.
At C:\OpenEdge\11.7\DLC\servers\pasoe\bin\tcmanager.ps1:3200 char:13
+ rm -recurse "$script:_base"
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : WriteError: (%instancefolder%:DirectoryInfo) [Remove-Item], IOException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : DirectoryNotEmpty,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.

Delete operation complete
server %instancename% removed at %instancefolder%

The strange thing is that I was the one that created it so I should think that I am the one owning the pasoe-instance-folder, bin included. Even when I am part of the Administrator-group on that Windows-server, computer says no! The annoying thing for now is that I get stuck with non-empty folders that clutter my instances-folder.

My questions:

  1. How is it possible that I cannot delete my own instance (even when the instance was stopped the day before)?
  2. Is it possible to force the folder to be deleted?
  3. How can I prevent this?


Pieter Brouwer