I want to know what people think about PASMon.
At this moment I use it only for private projects but want to make it available for the public and add more features. 

The idea is a user friendly application where daily needs are centralised.
Important for the future is to implement some team management tools.

What's PASMon:

  • Cross platform (Native Mac, Windows & Linux App)
  • Live statistiscs of your database behind a Progress AppServer
  • Live statistiscs of your Progress AppServer
  • API tester (auto generation from catalog)
  • Configuration sharing (file based)
  • Amazon S3 bucket updater (website)


  • Live statistiscs of your database replication
  • TeamManagement (menu permissions, keys, …)
  • SSH client
  • RDP
  • Alerting and notifications
  • …. 

A demo video tells more as thousand words:


If you got an idea or suggesting you may reply or send a mail to ideas@kh-it.be.


Kind regards

Kevin Hermans