Hi All, Firstly let me appologize, as this will be a little vague, but will try to make it as clear as I can, especially considering the problem is a bit vague to myself.

I developed a system of receiving information sent over a network (via TCP/IP Communications) to interact with an existing system on-site. I was told that I should wait for a POLL msg and then respond with an ACK. So far so good, it all works fine up to this point. Then they are supposed to send us 7 records, which we process and add to our records. OK, I wrote my code in a small loop (eg. do lvCount = 1 to 7: ). It is in the process of being installed on-site for go live soon. The problem seems that they are actually sending the 7 records in 1 message, but the network is splitting that message into 2 seperate packets, which is giving an error for some reason. I'm not 100% sure why this error is occuring, but i suggested to the guy installing to change it so that it calls the read process twice and then can programatically seperate the data, but was told that he tried that and recieved errors. Something about having to exit the read process first.

Anyway I understand if I get no responses to this message. I know if I was reading this, I most probably wouldn't respond as it isn't very clear, but it is the best I can do for now, as I am in Australia and the system is getting installed in New Zealand. Any help ( or suggestions as to what the problem might be )would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance.