I have a client that is using a very old (non-supported) version of Progress (6.5M). They need to keep the old system going and phase it out over the next few years because they have decided to go with a browser based product on SQL server.

In the meantime, their database servers are 386s with 8MB RAM and 3C503 cards on coax. We have replaced all the users machines with Dell Optiplex systems to gear up for the phase out. The only problem is this:

I attaempted to upgrade the Database servers to faster machines with 3C905C cards. It works fine as long as the client machines are the old machines with 3C503 cards. It also works fine if I put a 3C503 or 3C509 card in the DB Servers. BUT, if the DB Server has a 3C905C card and the client is running the same, the DB Server freezes up when a client attempts to connect to it.


Please let me know.