We have an application written on Progress and running on Oracle. At present

time we are trying to use our application with UTF-8 character set.

I have create Oracle database with utf8 character set and convert existing

schema holder to utf-8.

I am able to write/save/extract data in Japanese, Russian languages and others.

But problem is: when I try to save symbols (which takes 16 bytes length) in

a field defined as character 2000 in the database, after refreshing a screen

I get back truncated sybmols. I miss several last symbols every time.

For example if I insert that:


I will get as result:


Characters which remaining after truncating are correct.

When tried to load data (French, Italian) to Oracle database using Progress

I got the same result: I losted last charecter or several characters.

I will appreciate it very much any advice and help.

Dmitri Zaikine.