This is my first visit to this forum, and I hope you people can help me out

a bit. At the subject of databases, I'm probably still a newbie compared to

the rest of you.

For a school project I have to describe a program, more specifically a Datawarehouse,

made with Progress. I don't really have to make the program myself, I just

have to describe what it does (collect data, ....) and link the functions of

the datawarehouse to Progress. For instance I could say that during the processing

of the data, the use of temp tables would be more effective... and then describe

it a little bit further naturally.

Even if I don't have to write the program, this project is a bit over my head,

meaning that I don't have any documentation. Does someone perhaps know any

url's where I can find more specific information about Datawarehouses and if

possible, a Datawarehouse made with Progress.

By the way, thx for any help you can give me.