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10.1A Appbuilder and slickedit

  • I have installed OE 10.1A Architect, and whilst I appreciate the new ide, I also want to be able to use the Appbuilder as a standalone. That works fine, except that there is no color highlighting of keywords, or keyword expansion anymore.

    The proedit directory is missing from the progress/openedge directory. The "Editing Options" is also missing from the Appbuilder Preferences menu

    Is this deliberate, or a bug ?

    If deliberate, what is the reasoning for removing functionality such as this ?

  • It is deliberate. The SlickEdit functionality has been removed for OpenEdge Architect only. If you have a OpenEdge Studio license then SlickEdit will be installed.

    OE Architect provides this functionality out of the box. It also hijacks the standard Appbuilder editor when started from within OE Architect so that you get all the standard Achitect editor functionality.

  • Hi jmls,

    we plan to upgrade to 10.1A Architekt. Can we still edit our existig w-files with a ADE-GUI Interface (formerly known as UIB)?

    All presentations and info only showed 4GL development.

    Sorry if this was off topic!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes. The Appbuilder is included as part of OpenEdge Architect.