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PASOE HTTP/2 Support

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Does PASOE support HTTP/2 and how do you enable it?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Well, it looks to have been added to Tomcat 8.5, which is what we ship in 11.7:

    So, it should work. Don't think it's supported, though.

  • What we found is that HTTP/2 is not suitable for an Application Server. It is suited toward returning lots of small, static files. What we found is that when enabled for PASOE, you could craft a single request that will take all resources of that server.
    It is no help for a poorly architechted application. If they do serve up lots of small static files, a better solution would be to put an Nginx in front using HTTP/2, and leave PASOE for business logic.
  • PASOE is also a webserver that serves static files not just business logic. I think, it's a great benefit and it's not the only webserver that does that.

    I don't think there's a need to argue the benefits of HTTP/2 over other alternatives. The whole world is moving to HTTP/2. Most websites have moved to HTTP/2.

    Maybe we need to use a proxy or another webserver with PASOE?

  • "Most websites" is really only 24.3 % so far. Still, Alon is right: it is the way of the future.

    If any of you are wondering what HTTP/2 is, this article might be illuminating:


  • Maybe most websites I visit :)

    For one it will shorten and simplify the build tasks and likely improve performance whether or not you are concatenating code.

    Here's also a cool couple of videos from Udacity -