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Change from Workgroup to Enterprise


Change from Workgroup to Enterprise

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OE 10.2B08

Changing from Workgroup to Enterprise, I presume that's just a case of applying the new .cfg file from a dummy install to the relevant location on the server? Is there anything else needed?

We will reboot anyway, but anything else I need to do before a reboot, or will that do it? 

Seems a very basic question, just not a task I've undertaken before. 

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  • Thanks Gerd. That's even simpler.

  • Once you're done with the installation, it's an opportunity to add Enterprise-only features:

    - enable large file support

    - add background processes (AIW/BIW/APW) to database startup

  • Depending on what you have in the *.cfg you can download the new cfg from the Customer Self Service Portal instead of having to do the actual install somewhere else and pulling the cfg.  This is easier…

    Brian L. Bowman

  • Thanks Rob. That's the motivation behind the upgrade. Large file support less so, but yes good opportunity to enable it. The APW is the process I'm most interested in though. Very frequent checkpointing with many buffers flushed, even with a very small checkpoint interval does not make for a pleasant working environment for the users.

  • You'll probably also want to take the opportunity to revisit other transaction-related settings:

    - BI cluster size

    - AI and BI block size

    - AI and BI buffers

  • The BI ones will be reviewed. The AI ones won't until we enable AI. Yes. I know.

  • James, James, James !

    Ya just gotta do After-Image Journalling.

    Do it first.

  • We can have a good chat about it in Dublin Gus! It's not my decision to make, as ludicrous as that sounds.

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