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Hi Guys

Can someone please give me direction on how the as-needed option works on the webclient deployment. To my understanding it is only supposed to download the program that has changed but at what point it does this i dont know? Also how does one go about using this option correctly when doing deployments?


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  • When a component is made "As Needed", WebClient downloads it only when WebClient needs the resources in the component at run time. This is mostly when you access that component. On the other hand, when you make a component as "At Startup", WebClient downloads it before WebClient starts.

  • So from what you are saying is that if i make a change to formX and i pot it in the as-needed option and do a deployment. once i try and instanciate this form will webclient download the new changes? Also how do i structure what gets done in startup and what gets done in as-need. does formX get put in both startup and as-needed? I cant seem to get this working even though i have an as-needed component it seems to be downloading the changes at startup???

  • Hi

    Can anyone give me direction on this?

  • As-needed components contain code that not all users might need. When WebClient tries to run a program in an as-needed component, it will download the component then continue executing the program. When you deploy a new version of your application, users will get a prompt asking if they want to upgrade. If the user has downloaded any as-needed components, these will also be downloaded as part of the upgrade. This ensures that the whole application is upgraded to the latest version (not having to worry about versions of individual files).

  • For our use, the startup  "package" contains all the code required to login and get to the main menu.  This is something that all users of the app need.

    The As-Needed portions are broken up into business areas







    -etc ....

    As each user first calls a prog for each of those modules, it will then download the package that supports that business area.  They then get the upgraded code for each of these modules when we supply an upgrade, but not for the other As-Needed areas that they don't use.