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Generate prowcapc from command line/batch mode


Generate prowcapc from command line/batch mode

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Is there a way to run app.wcp file from command line (batch mode) instead of using the Generate dialog from WebClient Application Assembler?

From the documentation app.wcp is the WebClient text parameter file which generates some files. To my understanding after you press Ok button in Generate dialog this fires some program in the back-end which uses app.wcp to create the following files/directory.

  • app.prowcapc
  • app.log
  • diffs (folder with previous version ex., )

Surely this functions similar to

bprowcappdep c:\WebClient\deployment\MyApp.wcd

Cannot find anything in the progress documentation/manual which suggest if this is possible.

Why asking this question?

If you have new files/external libraries, etc they need to be manually added (inconvenient/annoying). Can use scripts to add/remove files from app.wcp (parameter file) however I still need to open it up WebClient Application Assembler to generate/re-generate the application version.

Using OE 11.5


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  • This has been requested in the past, but never been prioritised high enough to be scheduled. There have been other community threads on this. I think there might even be an enhancement request you can vote on. Please vote on it, and/or contact Progress Product Management.

  • Another community thread on this:

  • Any chance you can forward me the enhancement request (if you have it somewhere saved)?

  • Sorry, I don't know it. I am not even sure there is one, I just know this facility has been requested in the past. I don't know much about the customer-facing enhancement page. Others who have requested this feature might be able to direct you to an enhancement, if one exists.