Hi All 

we have customer were have proposed the following Server configuration

All servers are Windows 2012 Openedge 11.4

Databases Server (Databases only,  ??Possible webspeed broker??) 

Application Server (Appservers, Background Services, ??Possible webspeed broker??)

RDS \ Remote Desktop server (Client Access)

IIS Webserver (external facing webserver in DMZ) 

The customer will be using one of our Web based Application's which there will be a lot of users\throughput so what I'm wondering is which would be the best scenario for webspeed Deployment 

Shared Memory Option

If we deploy the webspeed component on the Database server, then  we can utilize the shared memory from being on the server but would need to pull the application\html from AppServer - but this might cause a lot of unwanted pass through traffic to the database server ?

Client\Server Option

If we deploy the webspeed component on the Application server, then the only traffic hitting the Database server is the Data requests to Databases,  Obviously this is not as efficient as Shared Memory but the Database server would be used for its main purpose witch is a database server

Would be interested in knowing what would be the best server for the webspeed broker and pro's and con's and what other peoples view's are regarding what configuration would be 

Cheers in Advance