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Fathom management monitoring Replication


Fathom management monitoring Replication

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Not sure if this is in correct group, apologizes if it is not.

we have customer that is looking use Fathom Monitoring  for Fathom Replication (we using OE 11.4 on a Windows 2012 Platform),  I have  installed Management and able to configure so that I get email alerts when databases are shutdown\warning in logfiles etc....

What I cannot find is any RuleSets that specifically monitor Replication, for exmaple if the Target becomes more out of sync for more that say 5 mins, or if an AI file has not switched after the expected time.

I have also been looking at the WIKI and Fathom Documentation and struggling to find any "Best Practice" articles regarding witch RuleSets to enable

thanks in Advance


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  • If you're using OE Management to monitor Replication, then you need to also monitor OE Management. It has a horrible habit of blowing the Java Heapspace without telling you and then you get no alerts.

    In terms of setting up the alerts, it's a bit of a tricky one if I remember, but you have to create the rule sets manually if memory serves. If I get the chance I'll refresh my memory later and revert if nobody has done so already.

  • thanks Jame,  I have made a note of the Java heapspace issue,  cheers for heads up