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PASOE: "security model: default"


PASOE: "security model: default"

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What  means "security model: default" in the PAS4OE instance?

for example:

$:> (/usr/wrk116/pasoe7/bin) env
CATALINA_HOME: /usr/dlc/servers/pasoe
CATALINA_BASE: /usr/wrk116/pasoe7
CATALINA_TMPDIR: /usr/wrk116/pasoe7/temp
CATALINA_PID: /usr/wrk116/pasoe7/temp/
JAVA_HOME: /usr/dlc/jdk
manager http port: 7280
manager https port:7281
manager shut port: 7282
manager URL: http://localhost:7280/manager
config type: instance
config alias: pasoe7
config parent:  /usr/dlc/servers/pasoe
server running: 0
instance tracking: 1
instance file:  /usr/dlc/servers/pasoe/conf/instances.unix
server process-id: 0
security model: default
file system umask 0002


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  • That is surprising for you to see that. We use that value internally in our test environment and do not believe it should ever be set that way externally. What platform and product did you install for PASOE? You should change it to developer or production based on your installation.
  • Thank you Dave for your answer!

    >>What platform and product did you install for PASOE?

    It is  Pacific Dev AppServer for OpenEdge 11.6 ,  Solaris Sparc 64bit.

    This installation of our customer. Their developers have done something with it and then have a problem and asked me about it.

    Now they are reinstalled OpenEdge - security model again "developer".

    But just very strange it was.