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OE 11.5 Win32 Silent Install

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I try to run a silent installation on a Citrix Terminal Server.

With a normal GUI install I created the response.ini and this works fine on a win7 server.
Then I used it on a normal Windows Server and it works fine (a old 10.2B is installed parallel)

But on a Windows Citrix Terminal server it fails.

The install log files has only these entries:

Company=Progress Software
Event3=[6-5-2015 14:17:27] The Setup Utility has checked the system requirements.
Event4=[6-5-2015 14:17:27] The Setup Utility has copied the support files.
Event5=[6-5-2015 14:17:27] The Setup Utility has created the config file.
Event6=[6-5-2015 14:17:30] The Setup Utility is extracting archives

My Citrix colleage told me that it worked after he runs a normal GUI installation before (and uninstall again) without changing any setup option (next/continue every time)

With procmon I can't identify a problem, the last access from setup.exe is something named EdgeCa32.exe
In the installation dir are already some files (no sub folders)

Setup exit with Status: -1073740777

A strange thing is that there is a "bin" file on the Citrix server and not a bin directory from one of his tries.
procmon shows last activity around this "folder".

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  • Stefan, the log file indicates a failure during archive extraction. This typically happens when cdimages are corrupted during a copy or when a network error occurs when the install program is trying to access a required archive file. A quick Google search indicates the EdgeCa32.exe file is the Citrix EdgeSight Crash Analysis Application. Did EdgeCa32.exe create a log or report that may be useful in determining a cause?


  • John,

    thanks, I forgot that I found all the same things but have no knowledge about Citrix.

    The strange thing is the file bin instead of a folder.

    Meanwhile after deleting the installation fragments I could rerun the silent installation without problem.

    I didn't refreshed the installation files, only deleted the aborted installation and rerun my cmd.

    I told my Citrix colleague to rerun it in a fresh Citrix server again, no more updates till Monday.


    It would be nice to have a client only installation package which is smaller than 2GB for a client/networking license.

    I deleted manually joss, eclipse, ... to reduce the size from 2,7GB to 881MB