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OpenEdge Custom Installer Option


OpenEdge Custom Installer Option

  • Hi Forum -

       I am looking for feedback as to whether or not anyone uses the Custom Installation in the installer when installing OpenEdge.  Please comment either way.  If you do, please give me some additional information on what you do and how it works for you.



    Brian L. Bowman

  • I personally don't.

    I did have a experience with someone that was required by their company to use the custom install every time and uncheck and check every box to make sure every single component is installed. I did explain it to them that the complete install does just that but their reply was that they had to follow the procedure in place. So in their view this functionality is a must. 

  • Brian,

    We do not use this feature at all.

  • I have often attempted to use the custom option, but then get lost in all the options and wonder if I will be missing out something essential, think stuff it, and then perform a full install.

  • Same here. :)

  • Sometimes using the custom button, but never change any option (just using the default ones depending on license). Under the latest versions, this prevents from installing PDSOE and BPM server when you only want Client Networking (thus saving quite a lot of space).

  • Thank you all for your posts!  This helps us determine where to go with the install in the future.  There will be more questions coming shortly.


    Brian L. Bowman

  • Used custom, just to find that all options are really checked, so a fresh start of the installer makes custom = full install.