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I have the next situation:

I have a browser for which i have created a CTRL-A trigger and a VALUE-CHANGED trigger.

I also have a button that should be enabled only when a single row is selected in the browser.

When the trigger CTRL-A is launched all the rows in the browser are selected and the button is disabled(i verify NUM-SELECTED-ROWS > 1).

The problem occurs when i click now the first row in the browser(while all the rows are selected), i wanted the VALUE-CHANGED trigger to be executed so i can set the button to enabled, but this will not happen in this situation.

Did someone encounted this situation?

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  • The problem in your case is that after CTRL+A, the focus is put on the first row. And because of that, when clicking on the first row, the VALUE-CHANGED is not triggered. If you click, for example, on second row, the problem is not there anymore. So the problem is just on first row, because the focus is initially on it after CTRL+A.

    Does this answer your question, or you also need a workaround for solving it ?

  • And btw, this question might be better to be put under OE Development, and not Deployment.

  • I was aware of why this problem occurs and why the VALUE-CHANGED is not triggered, i was just looking for a workaround.


  • Thank you tpavlovic for the answer. I think that this event will help me resolve the problem.

  • Hi Mihai,

    I've tested this MOUSE-SELECT-CLICK event also and it works indeed for your test case, just pay attention if there is no keyboard event that should be considered also. I've tried some keyboard manipulations myself and didn't manage to make it go wrong. So this might be the solution.