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Error using TCMAN service register (Windows)


Error using TCMAN service register (Windows)

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HI All 

Anyone seen the below before?

Error using TCMAN command - See attached screen shots

The first PAS instance you register as a windows service with TCMAN works correctly however subsequent instances fail with error.

Command Line service-name <instancename> does not match configuration <firstregisteredinstancename>

The above issue is with so the latest hotfix as well, this worked fine in 11.6 and earlier 11.7's .


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  • Hi Christian,

    Did you specify free port numbers for the -p -P -s -j parameters.


  • The issue was i was using the DLC\servers\pasoe\bin\tcman and not the PAS instance TCMAN

    In 11.7.4. it looks like you need to use the PAS instance TCMAN for registration.

    From what i understand now you should only use the TCMAN in dlc\servers\pasoes\bin for CREATE and DELETE of instances.

  • There is an issue with service registration when using the -I command to specify a specific instance. You should use the tcman script out of the instance itself. That will ensure $CATALINA_BASE is set properly when doing the registration.
    You can use tcman in $CATALINA_HOME, or pasman with the -I parameter to use most commands that operate on an instance.