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Load Balancing the PAS 11.6.3

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Hi All 

I have 11.6.3 PAS and wWe found that the memory distribution of the eight instance of _mproapsv was not equally distributed in the PAS server. I am attaching screenshot of the usage of _mproapsv under Load.

Does anyone have any ideas how to balance this over the eight instance more evenly.
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  • Your image didn't come across, but there is no "load balancing" among agents within a PAS instance, only across PAS instances.

    The session manager is designed to do the fewest number of context switches, so it will use the first available session in the first available agent, even if there are "spares" available.

  • PAS is designed to use resources efficiently, so it will route all requests to the first agent in the list that has available connections. Unfortunately, when we chose the default value of 16 for maxConnections, we didn’t have the runtime experience to choose a better number. This will limit to amount of concurrent requests an agent will handle to 16 before routing to other agent processes. The multi-session agent can handle hundreds of concurrent requests, depending on your application.
    What are you currently using for your maxConnections property?
  • We have set this to 16.

  • Screenshot posted.