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Installation Guide for OEDK: Classroom Edition

You can find the quick installation guide to the OEDK: Classroom Edition in the Documents tab here.


There is also a datasheet that explains the features of PDS for OE that is included in the Classroom Edition..

  • The installation is silent and will take several minutes to run, without appearing to do anything. Please be patient and do not abort. Check out this document for more help -

  • I've tried multiple times to install this on Windows 10, clearing all previous installations, registry entries and source directories before every install and I get to the same result as shown in the log below, and no Progress menu options (icons) are available from the Windows All Programs menu.  Any advice ?

  • [CompletedEvents]

    Event1=[10-11-2016 15:59:29] Microsoft v100 Runtime installer started.

    Event2=[10-11-2016 15:59:33] Microsoft v100 Runtime (vc10redist_x86.exe) installer completed.

    Event3=[10-11-2016 15:59:33] Microsoft v100 Runtime installer started.

    Event4=[10-11-2016 15:59:36] Microsoft v100 Runtime (vc10redist_x64.exe) installer completed.

    Event5=[10-11-2016 15:59:39] The Setup Utility has checked the system requirements.

    Event6=[10-11-2016 15:59:39] The Setup Utility has copied the support file

  • Event7=[10-11-2016 15:59:39] The Setup Utility has created the config file.

    Event8=[10-11-2016 15:59:43] The Setup Utility is extracting archives






    Company=Progress Software



  • Hello All,  I need to evaluate OE 11.6 but am already losing faith when the Classroom edition doesn't even install properly!

    I have followed the installation guide and run the installation on 2 separate machines (one on Windows 10 the other on Windows 7) each machine is clean with no previous Progress / OE installations. The installation runs silently and takes +- 20 mins to complete (or at least for the Installshield icon to disappear if this indicates that the installation is complete?).  I see created directories "C:\OpenEdge" with 2 empty sub-directories and "C:\Progress" with 2 sub-directories filled with system folders and files (+- 2.29GB).

    So, it looks like the installation has completed, BUT on Windows 7 if I go to: Start → All Programs → Progress → OpenEdge 11.6 (64-bit), there are no icon shortcuts - it is empty.  And on Windows 10 there is no Progress option at all on the All Programs menu list?  So the same result on both machines running different versions of Windows.

    What could the problem be here?  Anyone else had the same result? Please help...

  • Hi Mighty Quin, Does the attached installation log is the complete log?installation log file would be available with the name: oedk.log. Can you please share the same.

    As we are able to install in-house successfuly. Can you please confirm In your machine, that installer is not accessed through shared network and if possible stop thirdparty application(firewall, spyware) is running in the machine which might be impacting the installation.

  • Information related to OEDK installation:

    C:\Progress\OpenEdge will be the destination directory of installation whereas C:\OpenEdge\WRK will be the work folder location configured automatically by the end of the installation.

  • Hi kopatra, thank you very much for your response.

    Yes the log entries pasted in previous post is the entire content of oedk.log (found in the same directory as the installer).  The installer is on the local machine.  I do have Anti virus/spyware etc. running on both the machines that I tried to do the install on, so let me disabled that and see if the installation works.  Also, would the pre-existing version of Java on the local machine affect the installation in anyway, or does Progress only look at the version bundled with the installer?

  • Thanks Mighty Quin,

  • We would recommend you to have version supported by openedge product only. Thanks Kousik

  • Hi Mighty Quin,


    Would like to follow up on the reported issue and did not hear back anything from you.

    Hope you are able to install OEDK successfully in your machine.



  • Hi Kousik,

    I've been busy with another project so not yet had a chance to try the installation again. I will report back as soon as I have done so.

    Thanks for following up with me.

  • Hi Mighty Quin,

    Thanks for the update. We would love to see you installing OEDK successfully and using it.

    Please try whenever you have the feasible time.



  • please provide me link to download progress s/w for practice

  • The software can be downloaded from the "Downloads" tab that you will find at the top of this page. But here is a link anyway :