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A Welcome to the OpenEdge Classroom

This Group is for Users of the OpenEdge Developers Kit: Classroom Edition

The OpenEdge Classroom is now open to public visitors!


To take advantage of all that the Classroom has to offer, such as the Classroom Edition of the OpenEdge Developers Kit, commenting on the Wall and downloading Documents, please make sure you Join the Group.  You will need to be logged in to the Progress Community to join and participate; you will need to have registered for a ProgressID in order to login.

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  • I really need to study progress abl :)

  • Is there any reason why the Classroom edition is only available as 64-bit flavour? I'm willing to install it on my laptop/tablet convertible, but that's running 32-bit windows. Any chance for a 32-bit classroom edition?

  • Just trying to address the most popular platform for now.  And the Pacific Appserver is also only available on 64-bit platforms.

  • Any possibility of a Linux release?  I know it's not a primary development platform, but certainly is for test/dev deployment.

  • Later this year we will be releasing the OpenEdge Developers Kit: Basic Edition that will include a database and application servers for all supported platforms, including Linux. This will enable developers to code on Windows but test deployments on other platforms, such as Linux.

  • Any update on the linux version?

  • There are no plans to produce a Linux version of the Development Environment, but if you want to test your applications on Linux using the Application Server and database then the OEDK: Basic Edition provides for that. It is available on our OEDK page : www.progress.com/.../pricing

  • I have a issue with OEDK Classroom. Issue is related to version 12 of OEDK and Windows in VirtualBox.

    My OEDK Openedge Explorer shows, that my AdminServer is offline. So I am able to connect OE explorer at localhost:9090, but there is no resources. Just offline AdminServer and empty, but running "My Collections.Home".    

    On Windows services is see, that OE AdminServer is up and running.

    With previous version of OEDK I don't had such kind of problem.