Building Business Process Applications

OpenEdge BPM was first introduced to OpenEdge developers through the acquisition of a company called Savvion, which was used alongside OpenEdge Release 10.2B to created Business Process Applications.  A lot of helpful material was created and is still available today from the Business Process Management (BPM) Wiki.

Where you read the term "Progress Savvion" you can now think of that as OpenEdge BPM, which is no longer a separate development product.  The capabilities of Progress Savvion have been incorporated into Progress Developer Studio since OpenEdge Release 11.3.  And where you read about OpenEdge 10.2B04 you can read that as the latest release that you are using, as features from that release are still available in the current release of OpenEdge 11.6

There is a  series of videos and accompanying papers covering many topics in using OpenEdge BPM for building, deploying, and executing business process models using these powerful features.

There is also use of a sample application named AutoEdge | The Factory, which is used extensively in the videos as an example. The videos are based on version 1.0.4 of the AutoEdge | The Factory sample code base and process models. You can learn more about the AutoEdge | The Factory application and download its code base here. This series also includes five videos and accompanying papers on new features of OpenEdge BPM using OpenEdge 11.