Progress® OpenEdge® BPM provides an integrated authoring and runtime environment for developing, simulating and deploying business processes. Using drag-and-drop tools, business analysts and OpenEdge application developers can create workflows to span multiple work steps. It organizes process tasks by individual or groups of users, with the ability to present the current list of tasks that require action. Finally, flexible dashboards allow for monitoring of the execution of processes, both to ensure that the business operations are running smoothly but just as importantly, to help identify areas for process optimization and improvement.

OpenEdge Business Process Management gives you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, so you can execute process improvements that optimize your business:


  • Models specify how work gets done, by whom and in what order
  • System coordinates work across multiple teams and department silos
  • Dashboards enable you to measure application performance, success and shortcomings
  • Workflow can be modified with little to no coding changes

With OpenEdge BPM, you can quickly identify bottlenecks and drive system optimization across functional areas. Improvement to processes and workflows can easily be addressed, providing increased agility and efficiency, and reducing time to market.

This section provides help on using OpenEdge BPM which is included with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.