At the core of Progress® OpenEdge® application development is the Advanced Business Language (ABL), a language specifically purposed to express business processes as efficiently as possible. Understanding that today’s application developer has to deal with a complex set of technologies, Progress has evolved the ABL to include interfaces to key industry standards, such as XML, REST and web services. For jobs that require manipulating specialized code, the ABL includes powerful and adaptive syntax. Developers have the option of creating one set of code, but deploying it on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms.

An OpenEdge developer can create APIs for .NET, JavaScript, Java clients, Java messaging and even map database schema to XML formats without ever leaving the efficiency of Progress behind. Our ABL and OpenEdge tools:


  • Simplify development and make changes easier with a procedure editor for easy cut, paste, search and replace operations
  • Reduce development time and increase consistency with a central data dictionary
  • Include a debugger to locate and fix errors in logic and data in order to deliver quality applications
  • Allow maintenance of critical business data and permit data interchange with non- OpenEdge data sources using the database administration tools

The ABL derives its power from the ability to concisely express business processes. These business operations or entities typically have a significant data processing component. The ABL and the OpenEdge development tools reflect this interdependency. Progress OpenEdge includes programming tools, database tools, and server resources in one environment allowing you to have easy access to all the resources that make up your application.

This section of the OpenEdge Classroom provides information regarding the use of ABL and the essential tools for developing applications:

  • Procedure editor
  • Application compiler
  • Debugger
  • Data dictionary
  • Data administration
  • OpenEdge development server