Progress® OpenEdge® RDBMS is a high-performance, relational database that scales from single-user systems to massive multiprocessing environments that support thousands of concurrent users and terabytes of data. Whether you use Windows, Linux, or any major UNIX system, by deploying your services and applications on an OpenEdge RDBMS you benefit from characteristics essential to IT operations teams as well as SaaS service and application providers, such as:

  • A lower total cost of ownership
  • High availability and absolute reliability
  • Extensive scalability
  • A focus on mission-critical production systems
  • Broad platform support
  • Open industry-standard interfaces for integration with tools and applications

There are four Editions of the OpenEdge RDBMS:

Personal Edition is best suited for a single user application or single device application that needs local storage of small amounts of transactional data.

Workgroup Edition is a cost effective, departmental-level solution that provides performance, multi-user support, and cross-platform interoperability—at an excellent value. It typically handles up to 50 concurrent users and a database in the 2-20 gigabyte range.

Enterprise Edition supports the business requirements of Enterprise critical business systems that need to be responsive, scalable and extended in some areas.

Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE) released as part of 11.5 is a multi-user, relational database engine designed to support high-volume, distributed, enterprise-level applications. The AEE RDBMS has all of the functionality of the OpenEdge Enterprise database plus the functionality of Transparent Data Encryption, Multi-tenant Tables, Table Partitioning, Replication/Plus and OpenEdge Management. Installation is controlled with a single serial number and control codes.

All are built on the same code base. As a result, you can choose a solution that satisfies your business objectives today and upgrade as your needs grow—all without a single change in your program code or extensive retraining of your staff.

This section of the OpenEdge Classroom provides more help on using the OpenEdge RDBMS.