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White Paper: Foundations of Savvion BPMS

White Paper: Foundations of Savvion BPMS

Savvion BPM Suite 7.0 was released more than a year ago and version 7.5   will be released in Q4 2008. While each version provides more and  easier  to use functionality and new product components, certain things  do not  change from version to version – they are invariants of our  product  philosophy and strategy. We call these foundations of our  products. This  white paper describe these foundations and explain why  they are  important and how we achieve them in our products.


  • Hi Moritz,Thanks for your white paper about the foundation of Progress Savvion BPM Suite.It was so informative. Could you please let me know where can i find the details about the savvion current version and its features.Thanks and RegardsSundeep

  • Hi Sundeep,Savvion's latest version is 7.6 and I have a HTM file which contains the release notes which I can send to you.Could you provide me with your Email address?

  • Thanks Moritz, Please mail the details to sundeep.dornadula@gmail.com