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Invalid output dataslot names <> specified


Invalid output dataslot names <> specified

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I'm using the functionality of completing the WorkSteps by e-mail reply. In one of the WorkStep I expected that a value for one dataslot to be filled in by user in reply e-mail.

Regardless the type of dataslot I get the following error message:

 Invalid output dataslot names <ReactivateMessage> specified.

If I change the name of the dataslot in reply email, lets say from  {ReactivateMessage} into {Reactivate Message}, I get a different error message:

 Failed to process this email task. The reason is the defined output dataslots <ReactivateMessage> in the application for this task is not part of the reply email message.

It seems that it recognize the name of the dataslot.

In my test the dataslot is of datatype logical. I tried also to reply without changing the contents of the dataslot values.

I set the dataslot as editable and not required in workstep's field list.

I use the text e-mail template with OE 11.3.0.

Do you know if i need to set something else ?

Thank you.

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  • Is your email message plain text?  I've had problems in the past when I used another email format.

  • I use the email standard text format.

  • You will get the first error if the dataslot that you are expecting the user to fill the value for is not made part of the output dataslot in the email template.

    The second error is obvious as you changed the dataslot name from original to a non-existing.

    For more information on how to define input and output dataslot in email templates please refer section E-mail templates for task completion  --> Types of e-mail templates in bizlogic_dev_guide.pdf under docs folder of your installation.

    Hope this helps.