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(6124) Invalid user login


(6124) Invalid user login

  • When logging in into the portal with user 'ebms' via a terminal server, there is no problem. However when logging in from a different machine with the same account and password I get an error message :

    "(6124):Invalid user ebms tried to login.; context (BizManageBean.getUser(user));"

    Attached you'll see a screenprint with a terminal server session (can login) and from the laptop (errormessage).

    What can I do in order to prevent this from happening and be able to logon from any machine ?

    terminal server session and local.jpg

  • This problem should not occur. User should be able to login from any system without any problems. Could you try clearing internet explorer cache from IE> Tools> Internet Options>Delete Browsing History and retest the issue.

    You may also try to create few users from BPM Portal>administration tab> User management > Users >Create User and see if all users have the same problem.

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  • Clearing the Browsing history does not solve this. I've created some additional users via the portal which also these give the same error.

    We're testing with different useraccounts on two terminal servers : TS1 and TS2. Below in sequence the actions I've taken and the results :

    1. Logging in with Internet Explorer via TS1 : there is no problem.

    2. When TS1 user is logged in and trying to login with TS2 with the same account (ebms) : the error appears.
      Login with another user also gives the same error.

    3. Logging TS1 out and logging in via TS2 : no problem
      Login in via TS1 : the same error

    4. Clearing browser history on TS1 : the same error

    It looks like only one user is able to login to the system.

  • Can you check your license.xml file located at SBM_INSTALL_DIR/conf directory? Check for the session-limit for BizSite.

  • I've checked the license.xml and found 'BizSite' :

    name="BizSite" os-code="All" session-limit="1" session-operand="reset"/>

  • The session limit of "1" user is imposed by your existing license.xml. To have this limit removed please obtain a license.xml which allows more users.