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How to use an external adapter?


How to use an external adapter?

  • Hello,

    We are trying to use an extrenal adapter.

    We want create 1 business process in BizLogic.

    From the BizLogic we want to go to a BizSolo application but this BizSolo app must work outside the portal.

    for clarification I added a image of the process we want to create.

    Does anybody know how this works?

    Thanks for helping us.

    Matthias Coenen


  • Hi Matthias,

    Not sure if this even could work. How do expect to link the web application to the process instance if it should 'run' completely outside of the portal?

    Using web applications in a workstep works fine as long as it can be initiated (and therefor linked to the process instance) from the portal.

    An 'external' web application can work find on the start step, because there's no process instance created yet and the web application will create the instance.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Wouter,

    We are generating a unique link, that we send in an e-mail to the customer, to connect to the web app.

    Now the web app must communicate with the process instance.

    So that we can monitor when the web app is activate or when it's complete by the customer.

    The activation and the complete function we want to do by sending JMS message to this External adapter.

    But I cant get the adapter to work. The JMS message I can send.