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Deploying rules file using the deploy button


Deploying rules file using the deploy button

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Having this rule file in the rules directory of a process

application InvoiceApproval_V5
using nl.vanmeijel.bpm.service.SuspendedTaskEventService;
val suspendTaskService: ~SuspendedTaskEventService = new ~SuspendedTaskEventService();
group ifarules{
rule suspendifarule
activated by EVT_1 of BizLogic::W_SUSPENDED{VALUE: "W_SUSPENDED"}
// Code to get the desired set of user to send email to.
// Gather all information required to be sent in a mail.
val exceptionTrace=EVT_1.context.EXCEPTION; // this variable carries the exception trace that would clarify the reason for the same, to the recipient.
val wname=EVT_1.context.WORKSTEPNAME;
val WIID=EVT_1.context.WORKSTEPID;
val processTemplateName = EVT_1.context.PROCESSTEMPLATENAME;
// Similar information can be extracted from "EVT_1.context" object.
// Code to send email to users.

it is using a custom class which is located in a JAR.

I have placed this jar in OpenEdge\oebpm\server\ebmsapps\common\lib 

and in the jboss directories as well. However I am getting this error in the deploy screen (from the workbench):

Description Resource Path Location Type
<line: 3, column: 52> java class not found: SuspendedTaskEventService
InvoiceApproval_V5_rules.bps /InvoiceApproval_V5/rules Unknown Problem

(I can get the rules to work fine when I compile on the server and add the event via the commandtool), but due to our deploymentprocess I would like to be able to use the deploy functionality...

My querstion therefor is where do I need to place my JAR containing the class?

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  • Based on knowledge base item all I have to do is make sure the class is in the build path, well it is in the build path but still getting the class not found error