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Map TempTable Data to Grid


Map TempTable Data to Grid

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I have an OEAdapter which returns data in temptable and want to assign the temptable data to grid.
How can we assign temptable dataslot to the grid?


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    When you say, " How can we assign temptable dataslot to the grid?" what we understand is, assigning the temp table to a workstep, where , we can visualize the temp table data in the BPM portal.
    Is this correct?
    If that is the case, then i did some changes to the getAuthorization.p file and created a sample process(Attached to this post), where you can visualize the temp table data from ttAuthInfo in the BPM Portal

    You can deploy the Sample OpenEdge App server project in the bpsbroker and deploy the SampleProcess BPM project in BP Server.

    SampleProcess consisst of a BPM process, with the following flow

    Start -> OEAdapter -> Workstep -> End

    During runtime, temp table process the data and it get displayed in the Workstep.

    Let me know, if you have any questions?



  • Hi,

    I have already done what you have said and can access data from temptable and display in the BPM Portal.

    But I want to populate the same data in grid using the temptable which supports events like onSelect.

  • Hi Bidhan,
    Now we understand, what you are trying to do.
    You cannot get the Temp-Table/Prodataset data loaded in the form editor grid directly.
    Instead , you need to write custom java script code to populate the TT/PDS data in the grid. We don’t have straight forward approach for this.
  • Hi Jawahar,

    Can you tell me how it can be done? A simple example or resources related to populating the grid with java script code would be great.

  • Hi Bidhan,

    Please refer to following sample, where you can render PDS/TT data in the workstep.

    Point to be noted here is, mapping the PDS/TT to Form editor grid is not straight forward way and that was the reason, we are providing you the sample, which can allow you map to PDS/TT data in custom jsp.

    The attachment  contains

    1. DataSetView – BPM Project with OE Adapters configured. You need to deploy the ABL logic to bps broker

    2. dataset_view.jar - Copy this jar to <DLC>\oebpm\jboss\webapps\deploy\sbm.war\WEB-INF\lib and  start the BP Servers

    Steps to Run:

    Deploy the BPM process to BP Server

    In Portal create an instance, in the DS_View workstep, you can see the PDS/TT data rendered

    In the TableDataSetView.spt we have added following lines under the tag

    <AtomicWS height="60" name="DS_View" width="….. >





    Follow the following steps to use Custom JSP in other process

    1. Place the following under the “jsp” folder of your process where your custom JSP resides.

             a. DataSetView\TableDataSetView\jsp\js

     b. DataSetView\TableDataSetView\jsp\TableDataSetView.jsp


    2. Open TableDataSetView.jsp and edit line#14 by adding the names of dataslots (Table (or) Dataset types only) which you want to render in your custom JSP.

    3. Include “TableDataSetView.jsp” in your custom JSP by placing the following tag just above the <!—Footer -- > tag.

    <jsp:include page="TableDataSetView.jsp"/>

    4. Do the step 3 (from above section) to add input and output dataslot to your custom JSP workstep (AtomicWS tag).

    5. Deploy and check your pages.

    Hope this helps!!!