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Run/Display BizSQL in bpmportal 7.6.3


Run/Display BizSQL in bpmportal 7.6.3

  • I'm creating a dashboard in bpm portal with a widget that I want to have a report of details displayed on the widget as the drilldown url. I have created a BizSQL for this detailed report and figured out that I could have the drilldown url be this url if I added the report to management report list as a external BizSQL report and pass what ever I named the report as the reportName parameter.

    /bpmportal/management/view_report.jsp?paramcheck=true&reportName=hexadecimal of report name on bpmportal management reports list&PTID=5F45787465726E616C5F2F42495A53514C&outputType=undefined

    What I would prefer to do is make my drilldown url for the widget run/display my BizSql with out having to add the report to the bpm management reports. Does anybody know a way to do this?

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