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Change performer with java code


Change performer with java code

  • Hi,

    we need to change perfomer of a process Instance with java code,

    I'm using BizLogic API to do that, but it seems not working,

    reassignInstance(Long piid, String newPerformer, Integer dtValue) { 
          blServer  = BLClientUtil.getBizLogicServer();  
          blUser = COConfigurationLoader.getInstance().getBootConfigValue(COConfigurationLoader.SBM_USER);
          blPwd  = PService.self().decrypt(COConfigurationLoader.getInstance().getBootConfigValue(COConfigurationLoader.SBM_PWD));
          blSession = blServer.connect(blUser, blPwd);  
          blProcessInstance = blServer.getProcessInstance(blSession, piid);
          blWorkItem = blProcessInstance.getAssignedWorkItemList();        
          return "Ok";
         }catch(Exception e){
          return "Ko";

    Could someone help me?

    thanks in advanced


  • Hello Fedrico,

    This part of the complete snippet appears to be problematic:

          blWorkItem = blProcessInstance.getAssignedWorkItemList();        

    This is should be:

          blWorkItemList = blProcessInstance.getAssignedWorkItemList();   \\ WorkItemList reference variable

          List obj=blWorkItemList.getList()

          for(int i=0;i

    Could you please try it out, please ignore any typos.

  • please modify this

    for(int i=0;i


    for(int i=0;i

  • Hi Vikas,

    thanks for your answer,

    I have had to use this method

    blWorkItemList = blProcessInstance.getWorkItemList();

    because this

    blWorkItemList = blProcessInstance.getAssignedWorkItemList();

    returned an empty list!

    For you, Is it the same? It's working fine now...